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French concept with over 132 stores in Europe. Brought to Portugal in 2014 in Portimão, it opened it's second store in Tavira in 2019 and it is expected to expand to Albufeira and Faro in 2020.

Based on the La Fontaine's fable which you can read here.

Ant: Spared, she represents our selling costumers who receive cash in hand for their goods.

Cigarra: Enjoying life to the fullest,he represents our buying costumers who acquire tested goods with warranty at the best price available. 



The company was founded in France in 2002. As the company expanded it adopted an environmentally friendly green initiative, and is now onr of the leaders in secondhand market. Portugal being a country with strong focus on recycling and conscious consuming, there was no clearer country to expand to.

Reduction of carbon footprint nation-wise.

Buying and selling secondhand products in our consumer era is not only a brave act, but also a much needed one.

We are committed to a better future, and are starting today.

All secondhand products you buy have a positive impact in the environment as you keep further fossil matter to be built.


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