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The environmental friendly Loyalty Program

Cash Express franchise, with over 130 stores in Europe, prides itself with its environmental mission. Since its begining in 2000, it promotes the saving of CO2 emissions thanks to the purchase and sale of secondhand products.

In Portugal, the loyalty program was launched in September 1st, 2021 and aims to reward the buying and selling costumers for their contribution to the reduction of the national carbon footprint, thanks to a credits system per Kg of CO2 emissions by each product family.

Bónus ECO

The ADME (French agency for ecological transition) published a study, updated in 2018 (Base Carbone) which Cash Express based its credit attributions (0,05€ per Kg of CO2).

The francise named those credits Bónus ECO(logical).

The points attribution is only applicable to secondhand products, meaning that new products (with a 2 years warranty) are not included in the loyalty program.

How to apply

The card offering is done by cronological order of purchasing - each costumer that visits the store and sells a secondhand product will be offered a loyalty card with an individual EAN.

The loyalty card is only given upon the selling of a product, therefore not being made at the cashier when buying a product from us.


In order to reward its loyal costumers, 5€ are credited in the loyalty card for each referral to sell a product - everytime a friend, family member or colleague sells us a product due to your referral.

Limited to 3 people per card - each costumer can be rewarded up to 15€ thanks to their referrals.

Phased discounts

When buying and selling secondhand, our costumers not only get credits in their loyalty card, but also save up Kg of CO2 in their account. Once they reach a certain amount, they are eligible for direct discounts in their puchases:

Kg / CO2 Cumulated

Percentage of direct discount

150 Kg






1050 Kg


1350 Kg


After reaching 1350 Kg of cumulated CO2 in their account, the counting starts over.

Exclusive deals

Costumers loyal to our brand have access to exclusive deals, shared through our social media platforms and website in 2021, and later will be shared through email campaigns (2022).

Constantly developping since 2014 in Portugal, Cash Express will continue to become more accessible for everyone and reward its loyal costumers.

Several projects are at arms reach, such as the opening of a third store in Faro and a future e-commerce website.

Until then, get your free loyalty card by selling a funcionning product that you no longer use or need. Book your sale at:

The Cash Express Portugal Team


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